Business Strategy

36: What You Should Know About AI in Innovation

January 11, 2024 Steve Coughran Season 1 Episode 36
Business Strategy
36: What You Should Know About AI in Innovation
Show Notes

Welcome to a compelling episode of the Business Strategy podcast, hosted by the insightful Steve Coughran. In today's episode, we have the privilege of being joined by Katrin Zimmermann, the esteemed CEO of TLGG Consulting, as we unravel the intricacies of "What you should know about AI in Innovation." Steve engages Katrin in a thought-provoking discussion, exploring how AI is not just a technological advancement but a transformative force reshaping businesses, strategies, and operating models. Together, they delve into the practicalities of staying ahead in this AI-driven era, discussing strategies to remain at the forefront and actively seek out opportunities. Katrin shares her expertise on navigating the evolving landscape of AI in innovation, providing invaluable insights for businesses and strategists eager to harness the power of AI. Don't miss this episode as we decode the keys to understanding and leveraging AI for innovation and success in the dynamic business landscape.

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